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Awesome Security Lists

CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures


OWASP Open Web Application Security Project


Seguridad Web

PHP Security

OpenSCAP and Lynis. Open Source security auditing tools

Cisco Security Advisories and Responses

Security Blogs


Security articles

Blogs de Seguridad Informรกtica

Network Security

Security on Twitter

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Security Podcasts

Security Toolkits and Policies. Penetration Testing

Antivirus and malware


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XSS and CSRF attacks

Mobile Security


Private Browsing


Database encryption and security

Identity Management


Session Hijacking Detection

Big Data Security

Application Security: Web App Firewall. Blocking bots

Breaking Firewalls, Shellcode Injection, SQL Injection

Shellcode Injection

Email security. Anti Spam protection

Server Hardening

Next Generation Firewalls


Security Checklist

Major Security Vulnerabilities


Red Hat Vulnerabilities Catalog. Red Hat CVE Database.

  • Vulnerability Responses ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ Large scale security vulnerabilities like the ones below receive special attention from Red Hat Product Security. In order to create the best experience possible for our customers during these critical moments, a specialized vulnerability page is created within the Red Hat Product Security Center which aggregates information, diagnostic tools, and updates in one easy-to-use interface. This list is a catalog of these pages.

SQL injection

Windows Vulnerabilities

Linux Vulnerabilities

Heartbleed. April 2014

Shellshock. September 2014

Java Serialization Vulnerability. November 2015

HTTPS Bicycle Attack. December 2015

Backdoors. December 2015

LastPass. January 2016

  • LastPass I have discovered a phishing attack against LastPass that allows an attacker to steal a LastPass user's email, password, and even two-factor auth code, giving full access to all passwords and documents stored in LastPass. I call this attack LostPass.
  • ZDNet: LastPass phishing attack avoids two-factor authentication in data theft The exploited security flaw is severe enough that successful attacks compromise two-factor authentication codes.

OpenSSH Roaming Bug. January 2016

OpenSSL. January 2016

Linode SSH. February 2016

glibc stack based buffer overflow. February 2016

DROWN Attack. Cross protocol attack on TLS using SSLv2. March 2016

OpenSSH Security Advisory. March 2016

SSH attempts

Bad Tunnel. June 2016

HTTP/2. August 2016


DNS Attack Analysis

Shadow IT security risks

httpoxy. July 2016

Flip Feng Shui SSH Cross VM Exploit. August 2016

Top security initiatives for 2016

HEIST technique

Container security. Whoโ€™s fixing containers? February 2016

DDos and Project Shield. February 2016

glibc vulnerability docker

hot potato windows privilege escalation

intrusion response procedures

Disk Encryption